We produce mainly pre-fabricated panel type timber frame houses for different developments: apartments, single family and summer houses, garden rooms, camping, garage and public houses. Our small size module houses add additional rooms for the garden or can be used as summer houses.

Producing panel type frame houses has become today the fastest and most efficient building method. After the house is produced or the elements of house are ready, it will be transported to the construction site and the house can be assembled quickly between 3 hours to 5 days, depending on the size of unit.


Module houses

Our focus is on energy efficient prefabricated module houses, which are constructed with timber frame panels. The panels are produced in our factory which ensures quality control and energy efficient products. All materials that are used by the factory have CE certificates. 
Producing timber framed houses for on site erection is the fastest and most efficient building method today. There is no need to use a crane for assembly, lighter machines will do and the land around the building won’t get damaged.
The panels that have been produced in the factory are well insulated. Using the wind and vapor barrier membranes method we can create a breathing wall construction which retains warmth and has good air qualities. For DO-IT-YOURSELF we can produce certain modules required (wall frame, external walls, roof constructions etc). Our clients can choose what they need.
We use automated work bench CNC for cutting wall panels that cuts material with +- 0.2 mm accuracy. Having up-to-date production machinery enables us to produce very complicated modules. After the house is produced and/or the modules ready it is transported to the construction site. All the elements are numbered therefore making assembly of the modules on site easy to assemble.
We are constantly developing our technology and studying new solutions in order to make houses more energy efficient and ecological.  We have our own range of projects, designed by Estonian architects and we also work with special projects designed by the clients.

Smart Mini Houses

Smart mini house is a modular small house concept, which creates more space in your home as an extra garden room. It can be used also as a summer house or for camping. The concept is based on the ground size of 25 m2, which has extra sleeping places under the roof on the second floor area. The house includes terrace or/and balcony.
Smart mini house does not need any strong foundation. The foundation is made of concrete posts.
The house is finished indoor and transported by truck directly to your lot, where it is put into place with a crane. This way there is no building site on your lot and no need for weather worries while building. Just order it and enjoy!